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That nice Mr O'Leary wants us all shot!
In, out, shake it all about?
Migration situation
FIFA worse than the UCI?
Ascent of Eiffel tower
Qataris again
Scotland from a mountain bike perspective
Putin looking towards Kazakhstan
What Smarauder got up to next
The questions children ask...
Lies, damned lies and statistics...
Easter Greetings
The Incredibles (movie rewards)
Why good athletes are good looking too ...
These aren't the droids you're looking for...
A Great Man Passes
Happy Thanksgiving and Hanukkah!
Missing person in France - please help
Global wine shortage!
RIP Lou Reed
computer troubles
Shameless Plug - 100 Tours 100 Tales
some good news for laurent jalabert for this year
Scottish Independence - what do you think?
Americas 11 years young Susan Boyle
Hello, Good Evening and Welcome
Farewell Seamus Heaney.....
World Athletics
Only in the UK
Anyone for Tennis???
2 very short pieces I wrote
Couple of local Birds.....
Just noticed!
Animals In Love!
Oscar Pistorius Pulls an OJ?
Look what I found today...
Windows 8
Happy New Year
2012....The Official That Was The Year That Was Thread
The Merry Christmas 2012 thread
Bit of a cock-up
rip Patrick Moore
Better than Armstrong game
Athletes & Drugs Photo Lounge
RIP Neil Armstrong
The other Olympic medal count
Victor Conte talks about doping
Video Postings 101
The Boston Globe - Hits the mark again
For Bartali
The Story of Adam & Eve's Pets (Read to the end)
Lookalikes.....However many we've had +1
Manslaughter or an accident
Adopt a cat
White 'ghost bikes'
Valentines Day
stuff cyclists say
Anyone hear of this Pub
2011 review Music, Books, Film and Television
NBC Sports -The Year in Sports Photos: 2011
Relaxing ride
The All new "I Need Some Sympathy Thread"
Who do you see?
Euro 2012
Guess what.....
The Accountant and the Fisherman
RIP Steve Jobs
Bartali's new signature
Canon camera's....for Biosphere
Plane crash claims KHL club: 'The team is gone'
Pure Michigan/Not So Pure Michigan
For those with time on their hands
A View from the Bridge?
10 years ago today - Where did it all go wrong?
Danny MacAskill's new video
There's a riot going on
Forget the GC battle and the race up Alpe D'Huez
Phone Hacking
Verdict is in
An internet question
Women's World Cup
Making Rounds with Oscar
Vladimir Putin's conspiracy theory - Fort Knox gold
Barcelona F.C. - if it's too good to be true, it probably is
Earthquake hits southern Spain
Cycling Art
go play in traffic
Winning hearts and minds
Anyone want to buy a boat?????
St. Patrick's Day!
Extreme Downhill
Single white feline
irish election quiz
Book on OSS
Gary Moore RIP
How much is your MP ripping you off for?
Well that was easy
Happy end pour le vieil Anglais abandonné
Are you normal
Arts & C ulture 2010 review
Merry Christmas
Why some people should not be allowed to Drive
An Irishman telling it like it is
Never seen anything like this before
Ireland Today
Harrison v Haye
Rememberance Day
ATTN: Ice Hockey Fans ...
Time-wasting winter game
The Boston Globe - The Big Picture - 2010 Commonwealth Games
Sir Norman Wisdom RIP
If Facebook had existed in the past
European road trip
Is there an answer to the Roma?
New Server Appeal
5$ bike
Football eqv. to steaming of footy matches
Slovak and Czech republics
2010 Premier League Thread
Twitter, Tweet, Tw*t.....
The Truth About US Forces Withdrawing From Iraq
Those Brits are mean SOBs.
More laptop problems
Cycling in UK
Anyone know this region? Any recommendations?
Forum Statistics
I tought I Taw a Puddy Tat
An Appeal....
RIP Gary Coleman
RIP Dennis Hopper
Chelsea Flower Show
IT stuff
Body Doubles
Laptops - Advice
Humax Box
Culinary Holiday Suggestion in Provence?
World Cup
the economists duke it out rap battle style
UK Election 2010
Some unburdening
Cape Roadie, Where art thou?
Mary, Mary, quite contrary how does your garden grow?
cycling slang
Cider drinkers rise up in revolt!
Winter Photos
Jesse Ventura (9/11) Conspiracy Theory
Dental Problems
is zidane out of money?
Amy Williams - Blatant bandwagon jumping!
Amazon Kindle
Tiger Woods
Winter Olympic Complaints
Olympics on Eurosport
death at olympics..scarey to watch
Uk Peeps only - Stealth Taxes
Norman Lurie
Anyone started their bike racing season yet?
Yep! I plead guilty ...
Good luck lindsey
Unbelievable or what ???
Urban Skiing
Burns Night!!!!!
Ulrich training video
Hey Silvio, Italy sucks.
Handy tester
Now this is funny...
Pussy Problems
Are you bored?
Arts & Culture review of 2009
laptop troubles
Global warming??
Rage Against the Machine for Xmas Number 1
Google Chrome?
Maverick Surf Contest Watch....
*EXCLUSIVE* Entrevues de Moquerie: A Mistress of Tiger Woods
World Cup Draw
Portsmouth Footballers Unpaid for November!
Silly Season Stuff
Anyone tried Windows 7 yet?
Greatest Hits.
Adebayor vs Evans........
wuauclt/svchost is killing my laptop
Sat Nav Fail....
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