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Dr.Fuentes Consulting Room
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All Team Members of JC are Cordially Invited to Attend ...
What's your Juice?
A Strava msg from Chris Carmichael LOL
Hair Removal
Climbing Question
Worst Cases of Bonking...
Question about Altitude Adjustment and Training
Tacx I Magic trainert
A Tough BREAK!
The Rules...
Ibuprofen is performance enhancing
High Impact
Road rash
How to shut up your body (Jens Voight tells you how)
Interactive Bicycling Parameters
Have attacks on Landis's credibility already backfired?
Does anyone find this ironic???
Meeting other cyclists on the road
Anyone suffer from any nasty falls?
Hear rate conundrum
Amateur Cycling Teams
Bee Stings?
Question about handlebars and grips
screening for heart problems
Power Issue
Why everyone should cross train in the winter
turbo training input requested
Why did you start racing a bicycle?
Training on rollers
Request for Info ...
False Flats
Ribs Fractured
Heart rate monitoring
When did the modern era start FOR YOU?
Racing pictures!
Bibs vs Shorts
How can someone participate in pro races?
What's in your bidon?
Running Shoes.
Sit or Stand?
Stationary Bike Work
Saddle Sores
Hmm, so called safe PEDs not so safe
Question for Bartali, KRE, hw or anybody else who races
I want to kill S&H
What would you do?
Your Jerseys
EPO Study Needs Subjects - Who's In?
Local Hill Climb Championship(Stirling)
Stomach cramps
New Helmet
numb fingers
Death Ride 2007 203km 5 cols
Sick Bay Roll Call!
Feet problems
Berg´s next Challenge
Bartali's etape ended by Mondeo
Quebrantahuesos 2007 - 205Km 3 Cols
The baking soda difference
Does anyone know where I can find....
Great summer breakfast when its too hot for cooking porridge
Climbing training. Any tips?
Bartali's Etape diary room
VO2Max Test
General Lifestyle Consulting Clinic
How hard should we cycle?
Specialized Tricross
Good luck in 2007
Different length legs
easy climbs and difficult flats...
damage done to yourself in a crash?
What's your maximum HR?
Off Season Training
lance armstrong perfomance....
PowerBreathe Respiratory Trainer
what for?
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