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cardinal guzman

Norman Lurie

I've just heard that Norman Lurie, on behalf of Larrikin Music is suing Men at Work because they used a bit of 'kookaburra sits in the old oak tree' in a bit of their song 'Down Under'.

My first impression is that I hope the money-grubbing twat Norman Lurie chokes on his cash, though I am open to suggestions.

Old gum tree...

Not only has the company sued; it won.  Having spent a little over $6000 to buy the rights to something that everyone thought was without copyright (it was originally written for the Girl Guides in the 1930s), they've made a killing getting royalties for people using the song.  How much they'll make from this particular stunt is unknown -- damages yet to be assessed.

Men at Work's song uses a couple of bars from 'Kookaburra' in the flute line.  It wasn't part of the originally recorded song (the flute player joined later) and could simply be said to be part of the arrangement on the version recorded in the 'Business as Usual' album.  Judge thought differently, though.  Colin Hay (lead singer of the band) described it as 'opportunistic greed'.  I have to agree.
last km

Plagiarism is pretty rife in example that comes to mind

My Sweet Lord (George Harrison) vs He's so fine (The Chiffons)

cardinal guzman

Sorry about the wrong lyric  - it was how I was taught the song in primary school - didn't even know a Kookaburra was a big antipodean magpie at the time but the song has always stayed in my head - never made the connection though!

As this is like an unnoficial Aussie anthem - this arse Lurie is set to make a killing. What a wanker. Anyone know his contact details?

We used to sing some different versions.  One was an amalgam of the following two that you can find here:
Kookaburra sits in the telephone wire
Jumping up and down with his arse on fire,
Laugh, kookaburra laugh, kookaburra,
How hot your life must be

Kookaburra sits on the ‘lectric wire,
poor little bugger got his balls on fire.
Scream, Kookaburra, scream Kookaburra,
Rub your balls with cream.

I don't why you'd laugh with your arse/tail on fire (it was 'scream' in my primary school), but kookaburras are tough birds.


"The Laughing Kookaburra (Dacelo novaeguinea) so called for its iconic cackle, belonging to the Kingfisher family, is instantly recognisable in both plumage and voice. You will often see these birds sitting on powerlines and scanning the roadside vegetation below for their next meal" Forum Index -> The Coffee Lounge
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