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No more "events" this year, thankfully.

I just rode my last event of the year, the Tour of Scottsdale in Arizona.

This year I rode the GranFondo Moab on the first weekend in May.

The ride, in Moab, Utah,  went over the Geyser Pass at about 8,000 feet elevation.  It snowed on us.  Lovely.

This was the first year ever for this event and I am glad I went, but will not go again as Moab is simply too difficult for me to get to for this.  Spectacular scenery though.

I rode the Whistler GranFondo in September after having spent a good part of the summer riding passes in the Canadian Rockies.  The Whistler event was great fun and well worth doing again.  A great day on the bike.

The Tour of Scottsdale was a whole different experience.  I have been doing this event for a number of years.  I fly down to Arizona a few days in advance, do some riding in the area to acclimate and then do the event.

This year was awful.  Simply Awful.   I arrived in Phoenix on Wednesday afternoon.  It was 42C at 3 PM.

The day of the event, at the start time of 7 AM it was in the high 20's C.  At 10 AM, out in the desert, on the pavement, it was 37 C.

Of the approximately 1500 people that started the race, 900 finished.   Almost the same distance as the Whistler event with about a third the total climbing, it was the worst day on a bicycle that I have had so far  this year.

But I finished.

Glad the events are over.  Going to take a couple of weeks off the bike then get back to doing some trail riding as winter sets in, and start planning to start over again next year.

Why do we do this??  ( apart from the fun, and the challenge).

Chapeau ice!!!!

Chapeau Iceman!
Mrs John Murphy

Well done. What is your plan for next year?

Good stuff - More "Ironman" than "Iceman"!

The Scotsdale experience sounds decidely unpleasant. Sooner you than me!

Thank you all.

I will do the Scottsdale event again, been doing it for 6 years and it would be a shame to break the streak.   Having said that though, my wife uncovered a Century event that also takes place in the Scottsdale area but is a month later in the year, so temps would be a lot nicer.   And it is one of those events that has options for 62 miles ( 100 km) and 100 miles ( 162 km ).  So will look at that.

I will NOT be doing the Moab event again this year.  Moab is just too difficult a place to get to from here.  I think this event is destined to remain "local" in nature given the geography.

The folks that organized the Whistler event are putting on GranFondo in the Okanagan Valley next year so I will do that, as well as the Whistler event.   Looking forward to those.

And there is a rumour floating around that Axel Merckx / Trek are planning to put on a GF event here next summer as well.  I suppose if that happens I will do that simply to keep him from giving me a hard time.

Other than that - spend more time riding for fun, less "training" and just go find as many of the climbs around here as I can to explore them all.

Should be a good coming year, I hope.

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