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National championships

French championship on Eurosport now last 16km

Bouhanni really should do what the Irish and British tour de France riders do and avoid the nationals.

Note blaming him for the incident but he has had bad luck the last two seasons.

On that note, Roche takes the Irish race.
The French race was good.

Gilbert is the Belgian champion
Nizzolo takes Italy.
Kreuziger beats the Czechs and Slovaks with juraj Sagan best of the slovaks.
Greipl takes Germany. Any one know how it went as 2nd is unfamiliar

Nice 1-2 for the Barnes in the British womens. And Blythe beats Cavendish in men's. The coverage in the British at the end hampered by a terrible long camera shot I thought

Bit disappointed in the SVK one... Peter clearly had the legs, then let Juraj peel off the front... Tinkoff were clearly playing games, and did a 2-up on Stybar with Kreuziger and Juraj, with Peter content to roll home 30s later best of the rest.

Before the race, there was some talk Peter would be riding for Juraj, something like - he can't wear the jersey anyway, so let it to his bro.

That was a brutal circuit though, 10 laps of 20km, total climbing 3000m in just 2 lumps of 2-3km length.

Majka taking Polish jersey, means Tinkoff had quite a successful weekend Smile Forum Index -> Cycling Forum
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