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My 2008 Sportive Wish List!

9th of March, Bilbao-Bilbao

19th of April, Amstel Gold Race

27th of April, White Horse Challenge

8th-11th of May, Tour of Ireland

24th of May, Puertos Ribagorza

1st of June, Polka Dot Gran Fondo

Now, gran dilema here,
14th of June, Irati Xtrem


21st of June, Quebrantahuesos

6th of July, La Marmotte

20th of July, Legbreaker


6th of September, Larra-Larrau

14th of September, Circuit of Kent


As I said itīs only a wish list, and I donīt think Iīd be doing all of them, but most!!! Very Happy

Canīt wait for 2008 to come!

Bloody hell berg ... I'd hate to see your christmas present list!!!

I'm focusing on the Marmotte in July. Hopefuly I might get to the pyrenees or alps in late spring to bag a few cols too!

Bartali wrote:
Bloody hell berg ... I'd hate to see your christmas !
Very Happy Very Happy

A set of new legs would do!!! Laughing Laughing
Derry Hill

Morning everyone,

First post, and not a very exciting one I'm afraid, but I am after a little advice if I may.

I have just signed up for next years White Horse Challenge which will be almost twice as far as I have ever attempted before.

I have cycled for many years, but primarily as a commuter (it's only since I moved away from London to Wiltshire that I have really caught the cycling bug!).

I average around 150km per week which is varied and fairly hilly (I take in part of the White Horse Route regularly) so I consider myself pretty fit.

leading up to next April would anyone advise anything inparticular other than some longer rides?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

Welcome to justcycling. Do you really live in Derry Hill?
Derry Hill

Hi Sooty,

No, I live about 15km away but when I first moved to the area I was working in Chippenham and would have to cycle up Derry Hill on my way home.

I learned to love the pain of that short sharp climb and would always look forward to it in a sadistic kind of way.

No longer travel that route on a daily basis but still blame Derry Hill on my obsession with finding tough local climbs.

Hey Derry!!!

Welcome to the forum!!!

I have put the White Horse Challenge in my wish List, and I will do it too!

The distance is nothing special, no too long, not to short, average Iīd say.

As we have "discussed" in a different thread, the most important bit, at least for me, is building up the milage until you feel confortable doing 80/90 mile rides, once you are in that "confort zone" you can start doing hill reps., intervals, etc...
Derry Hill

Hi Berg,

Thanks for the response.

Do you know off the top of your head where the other thread is?

Always a bit of a struggle finding the time with family commitments etc...
However planning to start some longer rides over the Christmas Hols and hope to keep the momentum going.

I can be pretty tough on myself so I want to be the best that I can, even though I have no realistic targets at this stage.

Bartali - there's a recommended sportive in the pyrenees in late spring - the ariegoise. in the heart of my favourite stamping ground. i'd be doing it if i was having another baby in spring but perhaps i'll be back in the saddle for 2009 - and pulling a double trailer up the hills (in York - as if!) in the meantime ought to get my climbing legs back in form.

Here it is

Doing these two badboys which should be interesting. Lets just hope the weather is nice in Italy at that time of the year.

The Parcours for the French ride are the same this year.

Has anyone ridden any of these climbs?

see somebody break that Hour record, the old one.. 56 275.. boardmans..

a date will lindsay lohan.. would be awesome !!!

Berg' - are you doing la Marmotte?
cardinal guzman

thunderthighs wrote:
see somebody break that Hour record, the old one.. 56 275.. boardmans..

a date will lindsay lohan.. would be awesome !!!

Laughing  Laughing  Laughing

Sam Whittingham has pissed all over Boardman's record for a non-uci bike.
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