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Mrs John Murphy

MTN-Qhubeka get Tour invite

Deserved? Justified?

I am not sure about this quote:

“These young Eritrean riders are the grandchildren of Coppi and Bartali,” said Prudhomme, referring to legendary Italians Fausto Coppi and Gino Bartali, and to the more than 50 years of Italian occupation of the country that ended during World War II.

And it is a shame that all round bell end and Armstrong sycophant Brian Smith is involved.

You sure?
Mrs John Murphy

This is why Smith is such a chancer. He changed his story after Armstrong got popped.

Interview from 2008

'PEZ: You were racing with Motorola at the same time as Lance Armstrong, what did you think of him as a person and as a rider?

BRIAN: I got on fine with Lance. I respected his abilities as a bike rider but treated him as I would treat any friend. That’s why I think we still get along… or was it because he thought my accent was funny. Even when I met him at the Tour a couple of years ago he still says “I never could understand a word you were saying!” All that advice I thought I was giving him was going straight out the window due to communication problems. To think what he could have achieved… Lance away from the media was cool and fun and as a rider he was awesome and focused.

PEZ: Have you read the book L.A. Confidential? What do you think?

BRIAN: I have never had the inclination to read it. Same reason I don’t read comic books except ‘Oor Wullie’ (long running Scottish cartoon character).'

So fuck him. He was also one of Armstrong's attack dogs when Landis was blowing the whistle.

Wasn't JTL on his watch?

2:54 PM - 29 Aug 2011
@lancearmstrong dude...what are you doing on 5th November? Fancy a night out in Scotland with an ex team mate? Wink

if a guy got me fired, i wouldn't be wanting to go out with him

At first glance, I was wondering why the Tour would invite a mountain bike team. Wink

it's all good, they've now signed matt brammeier

i was thinking while on my walk "wait, iam an i ams cats team wasn't invited to it" and then it dawned on me, oh they are in the world tour

the top 21 teams per cqranking have been invited but bora bora bora is the only outside of the top 22
Mrs John Murphy

Maybe BS was suffering some kind of doping Stockholm syndrome.

I recall him going off on one when Landis blew the whistle, how Landis was a bitter doper, no evidence etc etc

When the tide turned BS all of sudden remembered how he'd been 'sacked for refusing to dope'.

He also swore blind that JTL was clean. Forum Index -> The 3 GT´s
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