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Missing person in France - please help

n internet friend of mine, Carol Sheridan, has been missing in France since last Sunday.  The pólice are searching for her, but without success so far.  She was fond of walking in the Alps,  and we are trying to contact walking/cycling clubs in the área to ask their members to keep an eye open for Carol or her car.

The details are all on Facebook on this page

This is a link to the facebook page

This is the poster that appears on Facebook

Please spread the Word if you know anyone in that área, or any clubs etc.

So sorry to hear about your friend Kathy - very distressing. Can I suggest that you go on to a Tripadvisor forum, relative to the area where she disappeared and put an appeal on there. You never know, it might help. I hope she's found soon.

After an extensive search, Carol's car was found last weekend, and her body found at the foot of a crag on 6th November.  RIP, Carol.

Very sad Kathy, so sorry to hear that.  RIP.

Oh Kathy, so sorry to hear the sad news. My thoughts are with all her family and friends.

i'm sorry to hear that kathy.

Sorry to hear about your friend Kathy. Sad

I just now saw the update. Forum Index -> The Coffee Lounge
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