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Michele Scarponi RIP

Seeing reports that Michele Scarponi was hit by a van and died this morning Sad Shocked

Just seen the news.
I am stunned.
To think I was watching him racing just yesterday.
Much loved in Italy.
Terrible news.

Yes, the most shocking thing too for me is that I watching him this week and saw him winning on Monday (TV).

Saw him up close last year at the signing on for one of the TdS stages. Watching him for the 10mins or so he was just on the other side of the barriers, he was certainly gregarious and popular amongst his fellow riders.

Having had a bit of time to process, it's left me with a very similar feeling upon waking up on that fateful, Valentine's day, back in 2004.

A little more in English here:

Non lo so , non c' la faccio ! Non ho parole amico mio...

Simply cannot digest the news of this... so sad that we lose a graceful and elegant rider like Scarponi in this way.
Tragically unfortunate, but hits me that it could happen to anyone, anywhere, wherever we clip in Sad

RIP Michele, and thoughts to your family.

Oh no, that's shocking.  Bit too stunned to take it in properly, but to think he was only winning races a few days ago shows how fleeting it can all be.  He seemed very popular, and a rider that had proper respect from his peers.

RIP Michele

Liked him a lot.  Sad.  Somehow I don't feel like digesting it just now.  But I will. Always looked like  tough guy with a nice smile.  Very tough.

I am shocked and very saddened by this news. Like bio said, when I saw it the thing that hit hardest was watching him win a stage on monday.

I feel sick.  

Tragic .. just tragic.

A difficult watch for anyone of an emotional disposition:-
Slapshot 3

On Friday he tweeted an image of himself and his two kids messing about one of the kids wearing the leaders jersey from earlier in the week..... just so so sad for them to lose him in this way and for cycling, another great rider taken way to soon. Arrivederci Boots

Only heard this today, when I got in to watch the end of LBL.  At first I couldn't understand what they were talking about, but then googled online and read the sad news.  I am stunned - he will be sorely missed.  Condolences to his family and friends.

RIP Boots

A sad tragedy! RIP Michele. Condolences to family, friends and teammates. Forum Index -> Cycling Forum
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