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happa gal

Maverick Surf Contest Watch....

There is another Pacific storm coming this week....hoping that Maverick will happen soon! Oahu's North Shore had crazy 40/50 ft waves yesterday at The Eddie surf contest.

Checking the live cam and conditions....
happa gal

Footage from yesterday's Eddie contest:

last km

thanks for sharing that...yhose guys are braver than me  Shocked

That is seriously scary Shocked
Mrs John Murphy

I used to live with some surfers. The most memorable thing I remember about them if that when they had a lot of work and they were working hard the rule was 'no bongs before 5pm'.
happa gal

Mavericks is on!!...this Saturday, 2/13 at 8:00 am PST Wahooooo!!! it live!

Clear and sunny weather and hopefully 40 ft swells.
Mrs John Murphy

So are you going surfing yourself or just watching?
happa gal

HA!....I surf the baby waves.  

There were monster waves on Saturday. A couple rogue waves actually hit some spectators....injuring some. We heard the traffic was insane and opted to watch the contest online.

Surfing note....Kelly Slater was at Pebble Beach golfing at the AT&T tourney. Forum Index -> The Coffee Lounge
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