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Making Rounds with Oscar

Be sure and check out the Oscar FAQs, which include photos and
an youtube video.

The wife brought this book home from where she works. They have a
cat named Princess, who has been known to do the same thing with
end-of-life patients.

Overall, it was a great read! Would highly recommend it, especially
if you are a cat lover.

The best line in the book: What is the definition of Irish Alzheimer's
disease (dementia)?
They forget everything except the grudges!   Smile

I noticed your post as our cat is called Oscar. I then clicked on the link and... WOW ... what a cat! Amazing.

Lovely story!  I've put the book on my wish list.  I have heard of hospices in the UK encouraging animal visitors, because, although they may not display the unique powers that Oscar has, they do bring comfort and joy to teminally ill patients. Forum Index -> The Coffee Lounge
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