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laptop troubles

i am currently encountering laptop troubles. i won't go into them but they may keep me away from being my normal active self.

i am worried that i may lose the pro cycling manager game which sucks after winning the giro in it
Mrs John Murphy

Do you have the saved game file?

If you do, email it to yourself and keep a copy on gmail etc. USB stick as well - save the game data to that.

i don't as i can't access the laptop files sadly :9

Remove the hard drive then have a tech put all your files onto a disk that you can use in your back up computer...

70kmph wrote:
Remove the hard drive then have a tech put all your files onto a disk that you can use in your back up computer...

Good advice but a definite last resort, IMO....especially as some of these data recovery specialists can charge an absolute fortune! Shocked Although if the hard drive has died, this last resort may be the ONLY resort.

Perhaps a better starting point would be to try to get the laptop working again if possible, then backing up the critical data (covered in the other PC thread). So a couple of questions for Nolte:

1. Is the laptop problem hardware or software caused?
2. Symptoms?
3. What recovery has been attempted, if any?

Given that you were able to make these posts in this thread, I am assuming that either the laptop is still working (albeit with some degree of difficulty) or you have access to an alternative PC? Either way I hope you can let us know how you are getting on with the issue....

P.S. Happy Christmas, Everybody! santa  rendeer

thanks for the advice guys Smile

1: it's hardware i believe
2: it won't log on
3: i was able to log on in safe mode and run scans. from their, i tried to revert the last preevious good settings but this did not help and made the worse and now when i go to turn it on, it just go to the repair

i have e-mailed the problem to dell as when i got it, i got the 4 year support.

i've also had my brother look at it to see what he thinks. he works in it. his first question was about whether i had it  turned on Very Happy

they have not yet replied

i can access two other computers, my brother's and my mother's (at the minute my mother's).

it's just a nuisance more than anything else.
last km

top a know it makes sense.. Wink

cheers. lol Very Happy

it was software problem

it was solved by reinstallation of the operating system. files were saved in the process thankfully.

though, not in the mood for playing the game for the time being Forum Index -> The Coffee Lounge
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