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mr shifter

La Vuelta a Espana 2013 - General Discussion Thread

Nolte wrote:

i can get itv4 in my own room while if my father is not watching horse racing,
ventoux wrote:
. Well, I get ITV4 on my "proper" telly, but I prefer the big screen (when I'm not watching sneakily at work that is.

Just for the pair of you. Wink

nice Very Happy

thank you Mr S....   Very Happy

In case anyone was wondering, there are time bonuses of 20, 12 and 6 seconds on the road stages.  I can't figure if there are many (or indeed, any) bonuses for intermediate sprints...

I'm impatient!  Has it started yet???

Time bonuses are not good for Basso, but will play into the hands of the likes of valverde and Puito ... but can they hold the form from the Tour?  

I think this is an intriging race.  Even at the Sky level, the dynamic between Uran and team management might be interesting ... thinking of Sastre's last Vuelta with CSC.

I'm interested in the Uran thing too.  I find it strange that a rider who was second in the Giro is going to OPQS, who as we know aren't exactly renowned for the strength of their GT squads.  Does he want to get away from Sky that badly?  I would have thought that Astana, Katusha, BMC etc would be a more suitable destination for him than OPQS...

That's a good question Gerry.  Maybe they have no room for him ... just how many GT riders can you have in one team ... and the current Sky formula is to have there top man win pretty much everything all season long.  Porte and Haeno (and potentially Wiggins when the decision was made) need a slice of the action; and there has to be room for Kennaugh coming through.  Still feels strange though ...

How will he react if told to work for Haeno if he thinks he has a chance of immortality?  Potentially he may feel 'cheated' by his Giro experience ... then again, he might be happy to work like a dog as long as he gets paid top dollar?

I had an inspiration while trying to figure out who might win the steep hill  finishes of the second and third stages.  In other words, maybe put on the red jersey early.  I was thinking that the jersey cannot possibly be held by one or two guys all through the race.  Would any of the potential winners want to actually have the jersey at the end of stage three?  I had this idea that it might change four or five times even.  I would love it if it changed eight time or more.  I think that is the record for the Tour, wonder what it is for the Vuelta.  It should be somewhat unpredictable and open and have a few surprises.

So easy to predict what I will say, non?  I like unpredictability, changes and surprises, so naturally I would think that is what will happen.  Naive or what?

Old Man Basso's last hurrah? I could see that happening. The route could barely suit him less, but one thing he won't do it make too many mistakes.

... & in GTs, not making mistakes usually equals a jersey or two.

Agreed Beasley ... and as I've posted elsewhere his GT results post ban are better than most would think.

Belkin down to 8, before the race starts.
Theo Bos out, which a dose of the Pierre Rollands: Forum Index -> The 3 GTīs
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