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KurtKinetic Trainer

Hi all,
Just got the Kurtkinetic trainer and after two 1 hour rides it has shredded my tyre to bits! Anyone out there have any previous experience with this trainer or know why this might have happened? It was a brand new Michelin Pro Race tyre that only had about 100 miles on it before i used the trainer!!
I just cant get my head around how this could have happened?????

No idea why.

I have one for a 18 months now and have never had a problem with my tyres.

It will wear down your tyres after a while-all trainers do.

Is the back wheel firmly on the trainer rather than just touching?

tried it again with a old wide slick tyre i had and tightened the resistence a little more and it was perfect.
that's a mistake i wont be making again!!

Good to see you fixed it. Its a good unit.

Good tyres are bloody expensive-too expensive to rip to sheads. You can get specific tyres for trainers. Forum Index -> The Garage
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