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Het Volk/Nieuwsblad Ist March

The Het volk takes place on St David's Day this year!

I have posted an FP thread and startlist here

Aah, Het Volk - isn't cycling bloody lovely? Very Happy

Well hello, Kathy!



Hellingen (hills) Omloop het Nieuwsblad :
Leberg op 63,6 km
Kasteeldreef op 68,9 km
Muur op 84,6 km
Valkenberg op 102,9 km
Kruisberg op 132,6 km
Taaienberg op 142 km
Eikenberg op 147,3 km
Wolvenberg op 150,4 km
Leberg op 160,8 km
Molenberg op 166,3 km

Kasseistroken (cobbled sections) Omloop het Nieuwsblad :
Haaghoek op 60,6 km, 111,7 km en 157,8 km
Donderij op 137,1 km
Ruiterstraat op 150,5 km
Karel Martelstraat op 151,9 km
Holleweg op 153,2 km
Paddestraat op 171,2 km
Lippenhovestraat op 173,9 km
Lange Munte op 180,8 km
Steenakker op 201,7 km

A reminder that the race takes place tomorrow. Saturday, so please get you FPs in in time!


Yours didn't work for me Gerry - this seems ok for now:

i'm using the sports-livezz too.. Belkin and vanMarcke inparticular making a very aggressive race, trying to rattle Boonen.

Big big group now.. Boom, B-Hagen, Demare.. and is that Terpstra for OPQS... uff i think thats the winning selection

Terpstra, Boom, Demare, van Bilsen and EBH up the road with 35" over the rest.  Belkin seem bent on dragging BMC and the rest of OPQS up to Boom, though...

Gap going out again, EBH, Terpstra and Boom look like the selection

oh bloody hell what a time for flat Sad

2 vs. 10 tho... could all still come back together as it looks like Terprsta & Hagen are not co-operating.

Just about caught, I'll stick with Roelandts

Sep van Marcke putting in some huge efforts at the front of that chase group Smile

Powerful stuff from Belkin alright, but will it come to anything?  Stannard has a good chance here...

Hmm if the 2 become 5 before the end, its going to be B-Hagen's to lose.. he's just sitting on with Stannard up the road.

I would love to see GVA take this

Stannard outsprints Greg to win and EBH takes third.  Good race in filthy conditions.  The weather forecast for Belgium this morning said 'Het Volk with scattered hillingen' Very Happy

That last few k looked exactly, precisely like a Belgian spring race should look.  Two wasted dirty wet strong lads duking it out in front of the next lot of wet, tired strong lads.  Too bad EBH had to sit on near the end, he might have done better.  On the other hand, I love it that Stannard won.  He works so hard for other people all the time.  Expect that EBH or others might get huge help from him for the rest of the season unless he turns out to be Sky strong man.  That would be a bit ironic.

Unless I am mistaken, I would like you all to note that should this be the first race of the year we score, and unless someone picked GVA or Stannard, I will be the triumphant leader of the entire pack, at least until tomorrow.  Might never happen again in my lifetime.

Cracking race, thoroughly enjoyed the last 60kms.
Nothing quite like the hard men playing chess on wheels on wet cobbles.
A pity that I completely forgot to make a FP. Embarassed

only just FF - your pts for 3rd just about trump my pts for 4th Very Happy

First time i've seen it, really enjoyed it after the 30km mark as didn't know what & who was going on before then, lack of on-screen info was poor - was suprised that the gap stayed so small yet constant for so long.


So Belkin and OPQS are on a two-up TTT? Very Happy

5 OPQS, 3 Belkin, van Summeren and a Topsport I think - 42" and going out...

Just switched on ... how did that happen? 5 OPQS and 3 Belkin??

Typical Northern racing - a bit of a breeze, a hammer on the pedals, get a break, and work it for all it's worth!  Simples really (if you're Belgian or Dutch)

gerry12ie wrote:
Simples really (if you're Belgian or Dutch)

Very Happy  Very Happy

Got to fancy Big Tom here ...

Not by much ...!!

Boonan pips Hofland in the 70km TTT. Wink

Great race between 80-70kms though.

Yep, two really good races.  Amazing what half a dozen bike lengths at that Classic pace can turn into in 5k.

Tom looks pretty damn regal on a bicycle.

Top marks to Tom/OPQS for wearing proper cycling caps after the race too #itscyclingnotbaseball

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