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Headwind has winter blues...

Im looking for help with a couple things gang.

1) My motivation is in the total shits these days. Work has been majorly consuming me...literally. My brain is mush. Im looking for some help in finding the magic again. I cant seem to find daylight time to ride at all. I hate my trainer. Im not riding and barely even thinking about cycling. I have objectives for next year, but I cant seem to care, or find how to care along with intense work loads. Im getting home at 10-11 pm pretty much daily, and so beat by the weekend Im not interested in weekend rides. I have one word for all of you:


2) Given that its dark at 5 pm now, Im relegated to the trainer, which of course goes back to (1) above. Im thinking about changing things up to see how to make indoors more suitable. Rollers were my first option. However, Im actually terrified of them and dont think I can get specific training targets. Im gadgety by design, and my current trainer simply accepts my bike. So, I recall a number of you got tacx trainers last year or had them from before. Ive gone through the tacx web page and thinking about either the "flow" or "cosmos" models. Can any user (Bartali? Sheep? Doc? crash?) give me some feedback and make recommendations? Does a trainer that gives back data or hooks to a tv keep you interested? Will it break my slump? Ideally Id like HR, Power, distance etc on my readout. All suggestions most welcomed and many thanks in advance for comments.

Best, HW

HW - I know what you are going through! With me its both work (though there is light at the end of that tunnel) and the thought of all the hard work needed to get back into shape. I had enthusiasm throughout the summer, but the cold wet weather has dampened that somewhat.

Can't wait to ride the new bike when I'm fit ... but the necessary training is daunting.

Notwithstanding the above, I have the tacx I-magic and I like it. Virtual reality rides are okay, but the fact that you can ride real climbs using real life video DVDs (Huez, Ventoux, Perysourde, Galibier, Ghisallo etc) is what motivates me. You can also load other peoples rides so - in theory - Cape you and I could race each other.

There's a whole site devoted to it ...

Hey HW!

I know that feeling damn well too!

At the moment I am working long hours too, and the days seems to last forever and get really tiring.

I find motivation thinking on the next year challenges, picturing myself riding comfortably and pushing it to the limit on each climb and sportive to improve last year’s results.

I didn’t do any winter training for the season that has gone, only started to get the “base mileage” at the end of Feb. Beginning of March, and my results weren’t too bad, but I am sure that if I start earlier to get that “base” my cycling will improve much more, which it will have a tremendous positive effect as it will make my rides more enjoyable!

I know it is difficult to go out after a shit-busy week at work, and even more if the weather is cold and wet, but when I am out riding, it clears my head, all the problems, issues whatever you want to call them disappear as soon as I am pedaling, and keeping active makes my body feel less tired during the week, I know it sounds weird….

I also hate my turbo trainer, and I am looking to get one of that I-macx or whatever it´s called! Maybe we can organize the Tour de Justcycling! hehehe

bergaretxebe wrote:

I know it is difficult to go out after a shit-busy week at work, and even more if the weather is cold and wet, but when I am out riding, it clears my head, all the problems, issues whatever you want to call them disappear as soon as I am pedaling, and keeping active makes my body feel less tired during the week, I know it sounds weird….

thats exactly how i feel about it Berg. Nothing beats getting out on a saturday and sunday morning(back to back rides in winter very important) the bit i hate is coming home and having to clean the bike and its cold and damp outside.
Also for the indoor trainer midweek stuff i am getting Stars & Water Carriers, Le Course en tete, Sunday in Hell, Overcoming and Hell on Wheels on DVD to help me enjoy it. Used to watch all my old videos from the classics in the late 80's/early 90's but dont have them now after moving to Boston.

Headwind - if you're working so much I can only assume you're making lots of money Smile so forget about flow and cosmos and get yourself a Tacx Fortius trainer. It's so much fun my wife and I fight over who's turn it is to use it.

I'm no fan of regular trainers, but I find this to be quite different. I almost look forward to the next 80km ride, racing against myself (from previous rides) on screen, making huge puddles of sweat on the lounge floor, falling off with cramp from trying to hold 300 watts for too long, living with dehydration headaches because I can't get enough water in, etc. I'm sad, I know...

thanks all.

long work hours unfortunately not linked to actually making lots of money, Im sad to report.

nevertheless, tell me more juggernaut, how is fortius different? I actually find the tacx web page a bit of a loser.


I have found the Tacx people nothing but really friendly. They get a lot of questions on their web bulletin board, but I found them overall very good. Always an e-mail back in a reasonable amount of time (around 1-3 days).

I have a Tacx Fortius i-Magic that I got used last year and like Bartali said, it's great to do those famous European routes, race courses and climbs. I've done Ventoux and Alpe d'Huez and Flanders. And like Bartali says, you could actually race someone on-line (Bartali maybe we should try that? I might have a fighting chance since you have to pedal with one leg!).

All that said, headwind, I still do most of my riding outside. I do a long one every Saturday at a low HR, and then about half of that distance with my family or alone on Sunday. Tuesday nights I do cyclocross under the lights, even though I have to drive an hour to get there. I have Thursdays off from direct patient care (paperwork day), so I generally try to squeeze in a ride then as well. I average 4 days of riding all winter this way.

Two Tuesdays ago I took my cross bike into the woods at night with a group of mountain bike geeks who tried to kill me, but I held my own and then burned them all at the end. With the brightest lights, you can certainly ride at night, even in rough terrain, that much I learned.

This Sunday I have my third cyclocross race, probably my last for this year. I always get geared up for being out of breath for an hour straight, and my kids love to spectate these races.

One other thing that helped me: I just hired a coach. We're actually doing a trade, so no extra cost other than a little physical medicine treatment for him on my part. He's 19, and he trains and is coach to his younger brothers, one of whom is the national cyclocross champion for his age group (16). I just started with this guy, but he is planing to kick my ass. So, my point is that if you can't self-motivate, get someone else to kick your ass!

Now, stop moping around and get out on that bike this weekend or I'm going to fly down there and kick your ass!

One last thing. Try using full spectrum lighting to beat the blues and set some goals right away athletically. And stop working so late. Ask yourself: Do I really have to work these long hours or is there a better way?

Can you take any time during the day at lunch to do a ride? That's what I do two and maybe three days out of the week. Its warmest around that time too. Forum Index -> The Garage
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