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Harrison v Haye

Complete mismatch as expected - what a waste of time.

Whilst over in Dallas, Pacquiao secures an eighth belt in an eighth weight class and it goes almost unnoticed in the UK press.

It certainly was unnoticed.

Yet the sport doesn't inspire much these days.

The fight all the punters want, Merriweather vs. Manny, is unlikely to happen anytime soon.

I'll be surprised if the Pacman fights again.  Apparently he's been missing his Congressman role all through training.

If he did fight Mayweather he should insist on fighting at light welter rather than welterweight.

Re: Harrison v Haye

Bartali wrote:
Complete mismatch as expected - what a waste of time.

A mismatch, but there were 6 millions good reasons for Haye and a quarter of those for Harrison to step in the ring. "Pay per view" punters will commit to not watching another mismatch - until the next one! I guess that 15 (the ppv fee I heard) is quite cheap for a Saturday night in, and worth a punt on the off-chance that something memorable happened.

Haye vs Klitschko (not sure which one) could apparently clear 40m for the fighters. Nice work, if you like getting your head pulped for a living.

The Pacquaio fight got a lot of coverage on 5 Live this morning and got a write-up in the broadsheets and the Beeb website - on a par with the recent world rowing champs, which is pretty good for a non-UK non-mainstream event, I'd say. Forum Index -> The Coffee Lounge
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