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Grand Tour Routes 2017

More of an introduction to a romantic (dreamy, not dream) itinerary around Italy than a fixed parcours, but it is a good start.

Feel free to take ownership of the Topic etc.

Any thoughts on 2017 Tour de France route:

Quite disappointed that they only have 2 days in Dusseldorf since it's fairly handy for me to get to from the Netherlands, it would have been nice to see 3 stages starting from there.

Too many mountains and not enough Mountain Top finishes for my liking.

Is the route suited to any one particular rider?

Nibali .... Smile

Only 3 mountain top finishes is disappointing but as experience shows, it's all about how it's raced, though with the pretty ladies climb coming first week means the mountain top finishes are more spread out than other years

Also not on the tour de France but la course, I kind of like the idea of a 1 day mountain top finish.
Slapshot 3

2017 Vuelta

More big mountains and a penultimate day visit to Angry lou....fantastic

CW has this complete run down of all the stages:- Forum Index -> The 3 GTīs
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