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Good luck in 2007

its now the time of year that most athletes begin preparing properly for the season ahead, with reliabilities just around the corner, so i'm saying good luck to all the users, and i hope you are sucessful in 2007 and achieve all those goals!

so is anyone goin to share their goals etc in 07?

7000 km

successful run at the Alpes in June.

300 days on the bicycle, a successful ride in the fall Best Buddies ride and getting to across the pond for the month of July. August will have to take care of itself.

To survive the Etape in July.

Training for the 750 mile - 90 hour limit - Paris Brest Paris ride in August.

First 125 mile qualifying ride coming up Saturday, and planning to ride 6,000 miles before August.

Bbnaz, I may be doing the 600K in Arizona in March.

A safe and happy New Year to all riders.

be sure to let me know. It would be one the MrB most likely will do too. He does brevets in California also. Forum Index -> Dr.Fuentes Consulting Room
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