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Giro wild cards

Giro wild cards announced today were bardiani, southeasr, nippo and gazprom-rusvelo

Gazprom is a weird choice. While both ccc-polstat and netapp in recent years represented more markets that there were no teams in the race from so could be rationalised that way, there are already 2 Russian teams in katusha and tinkoff.

Also in terms of knownity of the riders, some have a smidgen of recognition in firsanov, maikin, ovechkin, serov and rybalkin, they are more a memory of their name than anything else about them.

Another issue is how separate are they to katusha, I've considered rusvelo as being a de-facto feeder team for katusha. I know I am kind of wrong in this.

Though maybe we'll see a lot of gazprom name during the giro I think, well advertising hoarding count, doesn't they?

Some mutterings about Rusvelo not being the first choice, but that another team (Caja?) turned it down. Odd, if true.
Oil and gas money wins out over any cleanliness PR pretense.
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