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Garmin Edge 305

I am looking to get one of this things, have any of you got one, or heard anything about it???

Any comments

yep. I have the 305 with cadence and HR. Its been awesome for me for training, and during training. I use a Mac and so the software I couldnt use, but I upload to (take a look there) and monitor all my rides on line. So far its been a great tool, and I highly recommend. It lacks a power meter, but for the rest, nothing has come close. I can get 6+ hrs of use time. Super easy to install, even with cadence. I take it off my bike and drive with it to scout cycling routes, and get distances/slopes. Happy to tell you more if you have specific questions. On ride, it has a fully customizable screen, and you can do racing against an imaginary rider or even an old ride of yours on the same course. Signal on the GPS is awsome. Ive even used it INSIDE on the turbo and got an ok reading. HR has been flawless. Cadence has droped a couple times, but there is a reset button on the unit and comes right back. In wet, humid, dry, hot, and probs with the main unit. When I bought mine last year, I rode with 2 computers for a while (I had a VDO MC 1.0) to check distances and speeds etc. The garmin was spot on, both elevation and speed. Backlight for evening riding is very nice and works well. Overall, I give it very high marks.


that is great!! thanks Headwind I will be getting one soon!!!

survived Paris Roubaix too!!


Lovely Colnago!

I have a friend that has one. He loves it. The only complaint I've read about it is the battery life. The unit claims 12 hours on the recharge, but many people post that it doesn't do much better than six. Hence, if you are doing very long rides, this unit will not be the one to use.

bergar, just for clarity. twice, ive lost all function, this will occur with a battery change on the cadence and hr strap. heres the 4-1-1 on getting all back to normal:

When you changed the battery did you do a rescan?? If not you should try this. Go into settings, accessories and heart rate monitor. Here you will see the option to rescan. You will obviously have to do this whilst wearing the heart rate monitor.

also, while the unit is well designed, the actual clipping/release mechanism on the mountin bracket is flimsy. i broke one when mounting the bracket to my stem. fortunately it comes with a bracket for stem and one for bar mounting. be careful. happy to consult when you get it.

heres a pic. that little lever has a very small solid connection. you press it down to release the gps from the mount...its the only bad design element.


I will let you know as soon as I get it!!!!

Thanks for all your comments!!!!

Berg, have you gotten the Garmin 305 computer yet?

Just got my new issue of Procycling today (with Andy Schleck on the cover being touted as the next Lance...wont that MFer ever go away?????), and on the inside cover there is ad for the garmin unit, now in full use by Milram.

here is the first web page to look at:

but the cool web page is the one below...An unknown rider is uploading their ride data (minus heart rate and cadence) to the motionbased webpage (the one I use to log my data). Most of the Giro stages are up and ALL of the Tour stages so far...take a look...very cool!!

I havenīt got it yet!!! and I really want to!!!

It will be my treat next month, and the wheels!!!

I purchased one this past week. I wanted stable elevation data. I wanted to use it on my big ride, so I was concerned about battery life. I tested the unit without using the HR monitor and Cadence sensor and found that it will indeed get 12 hours of battery life without using those two wireless devices. Since my ride would likely go beyond 12 hours, I also purchased an APC UBP10 backup USB battery extender (the battery has about 2x the capacity of the 305).

On my big ride, I choose not to use the two wireless features and was able to get the 305 to last for over 13 hours without draining my backup battery much either. In using it with a Cateye Astrale 8, I found the Garmin to under report both the distance and speed slightly. After 126 miles on the Cateye, the Garmin said I traveled 125 miles.

I'll have to rearrange my magnets to get them to work for both the units. I want to have a backup monitor to the 305 just incase the battery dies on me. I had a friend who had his die while on the bike ride this past weekend. Always good to have a reliable backup available.

One nice feature is that both the HR and Cadence can be enabled or disabled at any given time.

I just have ordered the Edge 305, it should arrive on friday!!!

canīt wait!!!!

sweet bergar. let me know if i can help in some way. i used the motionbased web page to upload. it comes with PC based training software but as a mac user I cant touch it. motionbased has an excellen forum that is full of help. also, its new, and it keep adding fnctions.

ill be uploading ride data to share...assuming I make it over the cols!!

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