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Mrs John Murphy

Froome and Wiggins get forgotten about by the press

So Wiggins and Froome manage to achieve something that no British rider has managed for 24 years - to get onto the podium of a GT.

Something you would think that would be worthy of major attention. So I was looking around today for mainstream reporting of this.

And yet - nothing in the Independent, nothing more than a brief report of stage 20 on the BBC.

Meanwhile both the Guardian and the Telegraph decide that it is much more important to write about fucking Frodo and the ToB than to devote time and space to Sky's performance in the Vuelta.

Jesus wept.

Perhaps if Wiggins were to burst into tears more often and generally act like a mentally retarded 5 year old then him might get more press coverage.

Doubt it will be like this if the Manx Junkie wins in Norway.

It just shows the Tour-centricity of the mainstream press.  Nonetheless its a bit surprising that there is no coverage at all.  Is the press 'radio silence' Murdoch/Sky/NI related by chance?
Mrs John Murphy

It could be five things:

i) The Tour is the only race that matters - if so why bother with all the Frodo riding the ToB articles

ii) No one wants to give Sky free publicity

iii) They are only on the podium they aren't winning. Frodo wins.

iv) Frodo will always give you a good (or xenophobic/homophobic) quote. Wiggins is just a bit bland - no matter how stupidly he dresses.

v) The press think that Sky's performance is suspect and aren't getting on that boat. (Although they are quite happy to believe in Frodo).

vi) even the press can see that after a hard Giro & Tour... the number of guys going for the overall in this Vuelta is less than even a non-clued up journalist can count on one hand?

6. I wouldn't rule out the coverage stealing impact of the rugby WC, the US Tennis, the new football season.

ToB is local and a chance to see the best known British rider so will come ahead in the pecking order of an unknown Brit doing well in Vuelta. IMO.

7. there just are not (yet) many brits who have ever heard of the Vuelta
Mrs John Murphy

nicedommie wrote:
7. there just are not (yet) many brits who have ever heard of the Vuelta

And they won't do if the press never gives it any coverage.

It strikes me as odd because both the Guardian and the Torygraph have big feature cycling stories up and in both cases they have gone with Frodo in the ToB over Wiggins and Froome in the Vuelta.

It is also in contrast to Frodo in the Vuelta last year when everything was about how he was winning the points jersey.

Or maybe two riders with zero Grand Tour pedigree split by a few seconds for top spot smells a little too much of 'old cycling'?

What I can't stop laughing at is that the so-called 'new cycling' seems to have lasted for one race - the 2011 TdF.  A new dawn ... ummm!

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