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Forget the GC battle and the race up Alpe D'Huez

The real action is between Bart and Huw to see who will get to a five-figure post-count first.

Bart is in pole position, only 18 posts short, with Huw 40 behind, but Bart may be constrained by all day meetings after his day off yesterday. There is still all to play for!

Apologies to Kathy for discounting her, but I think knocking out another 439 posts today might be too much of a challenge. Smile

So that's why Bart has been posting so much. It really had nothing to do with Cav, rules or the green jersey... Wink

this is july, and by a strictly purist interpretation of the manual it doesn't really post-count. on the other hand, a more modern edition of the rulebook awards july-posts joker-double-value. as demonstrated by this message, all sorts of inconsidered excitable random guff is currently being expelled onto the interwebs. even shelob accidentally typed "cav" this morning.

looks like bart's got it Smile

Easy lads ... I pulled the old two days of work trick!!

MJM got there first though ... naspa has 3506 to add to MJMs 7709! Forum Index -> The Coffee Lounge
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