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For those with time on their hands

On my third attempt I've got down to 75sec.....


~ This is a little bit of a challenge, but  good, have fun!!!

Keeping the brain active.

What you have to do is run the mouse over the numbers 1 through 33 in ascending order. Each time you hit the correct number, it will disintegrate. You have to blow up all 33 numbers. But always in the ascending order. See how long it takes you to hunt and destroy all 33 of them, starting with 1, and on up to 33. No need to click - just run over the number with the mouse This is an excellent exercise to keep the brain active.

44 seconds

EDIT - 41 now  Wink
Slapshot 3


With a track pad, 80 on first attempt

Errr. 90 secs. Need to practice. I'll be back!

Guiness wrote:
Errr. 90 secs. Need to practice. I'll be back!

66 on second attempt. Getting there. Would help if I didn't blink.  Rolling Eyes Or Mabel (the cat) didn't jump on my lap.

57 seconds first go
Slapshot 3

67 sec on the tracker pad on my laptop

51, then 41 ...

89!!!! Drat - I blame my scroll pad - I'll try it with my mouse later..... Forum Index -> The Coffee Lounge
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