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Anybody from here ever been to this?  Hubby and I are contemplating attending and I am interested in hearing of anybody's experience...also will be traveling from Hamm in Luxenbourg to Friedrichshafen, Germany. Anything exceptional, do not miss, in between?

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No but I'd love to go.  I get the impression that its a bit like Interbike ... perhaps a bit less glitz, but lots of special bespoke german carbon.  Weight Weenies usually have a thread on it ...

Well during a training ride in Northern California today, my hubby fell and broke his femur.

No PBP and most likely no Eurobike either..............


Oh shit BB.  That's terrible news ... and after all that hard work. Sad  Hope Mr BB is up and about soon and turning the pedals once again.

No kidding.  In March 2003, whilst training for PBP he fell at a low speed and broke the head of his femur.  Three screws later he was back at the final two qualifying brevets.  After doing them, he went back under the knife to have one of the screws removed.  He still made it to France that August and did a sub-70 hour ride.  His recovery was good and the head of the femur did not suffer necrosis which would have required a hip replacement.

So yesterday, riding in wet, slick conditions on an unfamiliar route, he washed out and when he hit on his right hip again.  This caused a rather large slab fracture at the top of the thigh and when the surgeon went in, he also found that the area where the two screws are was also cracked.  So it being only 30 days out, regardless of MrB's mindset, he won't be on his bike.

He is in hospital for at least two more days and then I need to figure out how to get him home to Arizona, most likely will put him on a plane and drive home myself.  12 hours in a vehicle is just not an option.

Maybe as a consolation, I can get him to consider doing Marmotte next year.  Thanks for the kind words Bart.  I am sure that today will be an overwhelming day now that the major drugs have worn off.  Heading off to hospital now.

Thats a real shame, best wishes for a speedy recovery

Not much I can say BB except that you have my best wishes and hope that the recovery is as smooth as it possibly can be. Sounds like he's a fighter so that's a good start. Good Luck.

Blimey BB! I hope all is well. Like Bio says, he is a fighter so I am sure he will be on the mend quickly. We'll keep our fingers crossed for you both.

Sorry to hear about that BB. Hoping for a speedy recovery and limited damage. Let me know if there is anything I can do. Not sure what part of Nor Cal he is in currently, but if its close, I maybe able to help.

Marin General Hospital at least until tomorrow (at the earliest) and then to my sister's in Alameda.

After that?  figure out how to get him back to AZ.

Ouch!  Sounds really nasty!  I hope you manage to get him home easily.

BB - any more updates? Hope all's good.
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I'll add to what's bn said so far and hope that he makes a speedy recovery.

BB so sorry to hear that - hope all is well now - and thanks so much for the birthday wishes, super nice of you considering all that's going on with you

Well to say that July was a cluster would be the understatement of the day.  TWO WEEKS in hospital for a bloody broken femur.  On day 4, MrB began to have orthostatic hypotension (which means that his bp would drop to 50s/30s when he stood up).  So for the remainder of the stay, the hospital trotted in every freaking specialist there was to ascertain that he was absolutely fit in every way except for the OH and broken femur.  So with meds to drive his blood pressure, they released him and the next day (in the car) drove to Disneyland where our two daughters were.  Rented a motor scooter for him to tool about (Disneyland being one of his favorite places on earth.  When he was at PBP in '03 after breaking his hip, I got this call post race with this strange music in the background...yep, EuroDisney) and then we finished the drive back to Arizona.

He has been on his bike on the trainer at least an hour at a time and has still not pulled the trigger on cancelling the plane reservations.  Me?  I am anticipating covering the Tour of Colorado in a few weeks time.

All in all, cyclists are crazy.

bbnaz wrote:

All in all, cyclists are crazy.

Committed daredevils more like.  Wink

Good on him BB .... he's a class act that fella of yours!

Ortho doc on Tuesday and cardio doc on Wednesday.  If he is cleared to fly, we leave Thursday for Paris.  Obviously not cycling when there but will still go to Eurobike, barring him discovering that it is just too much.

Of course this is AFTER I paid money to attend some fancy parties during the Tour of Colorado.  However, I haven't been across the pond since '04 so it would be nice to get back. Forum Index -> The Coffee Lounge
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