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Eneco Tour, starts Mon, 19th Sept

The Eneco tour starts tomorrow, 19th September.  There is an FP thread here.

Really looked like breakaway would stay away but too much looking around in last km and too many good sprinters

Sagan's total domination of an already boring race is making it even more boring.
I didn't think that possible for the ENECO Tour.

It hasn't been a good edition so far, organisers too much focus on being preparation for the world rather

Hopefully tomorrow's stage will shake things up and that it is not just a race decided by a TT and a TTT.

I liked the race in the last couple of years with the abridged classics parcours but that really has been lacking so far.

I was happy with the break succeeding today, thinking that'll limit catching me in the fps. Then I saw who lead home the peloton. Though at one point it seemed that it was left to 2 trek riders to bring it back before katusha moved up

Finally a race has broken out.

Though another problem has been  the commentator selection, the worst in both seats for Eurosport. Forum Index -> Cycling Forum
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