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easy climbs and difficult flats...

Does anyone else find that some gentle climbs are tough, while harder looking hills are easy?

I haven't worked out yet whether it's also a function of the road surface but it always gets me how misleading some sections of road can be.

Obviously some days (or even during a ride) I feel better than others but it can't just be down to my energy levels.
There's also a gentle-looking hill on my way back home where I always seem to have to put in more effort than the hill would seem to require.

I've never worked out the theory behind this.
Anyone have any thoughts or similar experiences?

I figure that it's mostly in your head. I can psyche myself to attack a decent hilly ride and get a rhythm going but feel hopeless on long drags and endless flat rides.

Hey Moot...Im 100% on board for that. Part is psych for sure, but there are some respectiable 7%ers that I do with far greater comfort that a particular climb thats 2-3%. I dont know why, but I feel it. Sometimes its even less, just a road with a slight uphill incline can really be a dog. Its perplexed me for years, and Ive broght this topic up on other boards Ive visited.


Moot - the bottom line on climbs, all climbs, is power.

In the flats, one can easily coast or benefit from a tailwind and ride at a given speed while making less power. Whereas on a steady climb (say > 3%) you have to produce a certain power to keep moving - coasting isn't an option and a tailwind will be of only minimal benefit.

Everything else is happening in your head! Very Happy

Happens to me too - mainly pyschological I think. But obviously anything at the end of the ride (and sometimes at the very start until you've got 30k in your legs and are warmed up) is going to be harder as you're more tired.

I hate long flat sections, they can be so windy too.

Hmmm...I also wonder whether it's psychological but I'm not always sure. If I got out a spirit level I'm sure I'd be able to prove that some climbs of a lesser gradient are harder than their steeper friends.

Perhaps you're right though.
Also on long climbs even if you know how much farther you have to go you know where (on the climb) you're going to start suffering.

Had a difficult ride back home yesterday. I had a lot to eat during the day but was just out of energy. Rolling Eyes

another rookie..

its not the softness of the climb but the complecancy of the ride..

its easy to power up a short wall, but a 3 km climb at 4% at a
quick clip can easily blow u out...

try big ringing an interval up a soft climb 4-5% then lets talk turkey.

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