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Dura Ace hubs & grease

I'm getting Dura Ace hubs in my new wheels this week but have heard bad things about the grease Shimano puts in their hubs. Can anyone recommend a really good quality grease that will have me rolling along for miles??

I've always used the campag crease without any problems, but there are a lot of new products about of which I know nothing.

Sorry ... that would be grease i'm using, not crease!

its so far so good with the Shimano grease, took a few rides to get them going but rolling nicely now, although not nicely enough to keep me in the break last saturday!!

I got a set of these when I laced up my own mtn. wheels a few years ago and love them. I've had to tighten the front hub up maybe once and do the odd cleaning. Super easy to service. Anybody used these for the road? Forum Index -> The Garage
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