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Mrs John Murphy

Does this rule apply to cycling?

Not sure, but cycling is an Olympic sport, so I would think yes.

There wouldn't be a cycling left if it was applied...
Mrs John Murphy

Well that was what I was thinking. Vino, Riis etc

It specifically talks about Armstrong working with Ferrari so you would think it does cover cycling.

I think it (the article, can't comment re the actual wording of the WADA code) is a little ambiguous. In fact the more I read it the more I'm thinking that it's saying that athletes in Olympic sports are banned from working with any trainers, coaches, etc. who are currently banned, rather than a blanket ban on working with anyone who was once banned but has served their time.

That appears to be correct TNG, but it's also taken a bit further too. I found this

The 2015 World Anti-Doping Code recognizes the fact that athletes who want to cheat donít typically do it alone. To help protect athletes from people who would use their position of power or influence to prey on them, the 2015 Code will prohibit athletes from associating with coaches, trainers, physicians, or other athlete support personnel who are sanctioned and/or criminally convicted of doping. Some examples of assistance include obtaining training, nutrition, or medical advice, and/or allowing the individual to serve as an agent or representative. Please know that USADA intends to provide a warning to an athlete if he or she is associating with a sanctioned person before any potential anti-doping rule violations against the athlete are pursued. For questions about this rule change, please contact the USADA Legal department at 1-877-752-9253.

Quite a lot of changes for 2015

Some chatter going around that Riis will be in trouble after the Danish Doping Investigation concludes, but I don't think that's related to the new WADA code.
Mrs John Murphy

Although the new rules are a little bit give with one hand take with another. If someone tests positive you can now apply for a retrospective TUE for it.

Armstrong is sitting in Texas going 'FFS'

Mrs John Murphy wrote:
. . . If someone tests positive you can now apply for a retrospective TUE for it. . .

My reading was that at elite level that loophole is specifically being closed.
Mrs John Murphy

I am not sure. This is the IFT pdf

New discretion to grant a TUE for use of a prohibited substance
retroactively (i.e., after the Player has started using it/tested positive for it) where ITF and WADA agree fairness so requires.
Disputes between ITF and NADOS as to whether TUE should be granted are now to be resolved by WADA (and ultimately CAS). Forum Index -> Cycling Forum
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