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Dental Problems

I know it is not important.  And I really don't care.  

But having read for the umpteenth time that 'dental problems' have stopped Cav from being in good shape, I keep wondering what exactly was wrong with the guy?  What dental problems?

Anyone have any idea?
Mrs John Murphy

My suspicion is that either a) he got his foot stuck there, or b) he spent too long 'Harmoning' Armstrong and got lockjaw.

Anyway, the PR story is here:

Merci, MJM.  Although your other answers have more flavour.

Braces?  I suppose we will see them when he wins.

FF, I think MJM has slipped up a bit here and failed to link it with his HGH abuse. There is a whole thread about this in the doping section of the cyclingnews forum.
Mrs John Murphy

Hurrah, the FDL is here to save the day.

I know that your Frodo fanboyism goes to extremes, but is it really necessary for you to adopt his crybaby persona?

Maybe you ought to save your outrage for the next time someone doesn't point the finger at Roche or Bozic.

Crumbs, you seem in a funny mood. My post was intended to be quite light-hearted while letting FF know of the speculation which there is to it.

And what's this now about Bozic?
Mrs John Murphy

Well, if I had raised the HGH causing head/jaw growth requiring the wearing of braces then this would have really set off the fanboys.

Lets be honest - Frodo and doping, goes together like Lady Gaga and 'she's really a man'.

Bozic won the other week and no one accused him of doping - not accusing people of doping seems to upset you as much as accusing people of doping.

Ok, well my post was only meant as informative banter. I really don't understand why you are referring to Bozic though.

superbagnes we think very much alike.. these guys
use HGH and teeth move alot.. thats why carded athlets wear braces.. ciao

the fact that i still have a baby tooth is the main reason i didn't turn pro

that and i can't go over 18km/h on the flat is another

Vino has scratched from the Eroica.
The reason given? Dental problems.

yah right ...ciao

dental my ass..ciao
forearms van petegem

thunderthighs wrote:
yah right ...ciao

dental my ass..ciao


cardinal guzman

HGH makes yer face stretch, with the roid, it's turning pro cyclists into a right bunch of gurning goofy fuckers.

Bet you can get a TUE for Codeine if you have toothache.

being feinds with ben johnson, is a weight loss for some...thats what it did for him...he will releasing a book in .. ciao Forum Index -> The Coffee Lounge
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