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Day at the Vuelta

As usual, I never learn.  Taking photos of a tTT, especially with a dodgy camera, is hopeless.  I have lots of photos of an empty road Laughing

Here are one or two tasters - at the start, and practising.  I'm not surprised Andalucia Caja Granada finished last - their attitude was casual to say the least!  But they were very fan friendly, and let us go right up to them to take photos and chat etc.  Then they ambled off along the course for a practise, unlike Sky, who went off like bats out of hell (on one of several practises on the course which they claim not to have had!)


Nice photos kathy - I know what you mean about pics of empty road, I also get loads of pics of the back end of a bike as well.
Glad you had a good time.

Of course, while a photo saves a thousand words, it is the essence of your subjective experience we real want.  But what with moving and all, we might not get what we hunger for.  Hope the move is still going well.

Looks like a glorious day out there. Nice, Kathy. Forum Index -> The 3 GTīs
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