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Davis Double

Well, I did the Davis Double again this year on Saturday. I've now finished two of the three doubles I need to do to earn the right to purchase the California Triple Crown jersey. Last year, the event was plagued by high heat. Record setting temperature of 102F for May. This year was cooler, but only a few degrees (100F)

It was probably good that we rode it last year in the hottest DD on record. This year felt cooler during most of the ride. Otherwise, we would have thought this year to have been really hot.

Last year, I rode with two friends. Bob, who is the strongest, and Brahim, who is weaker than I. This year, those same two friends came along with one other strong rider. Greg is near the same level as Bob.

Out of the gate, we did a fast pace in the flats. We maintained about a 20MPH average for the first 40 miles. From mile 40 to mile 140 is were there is about 8,200 ft of climbing. We stayed together in the first 40, but started getting split up over the next 100. We would regroup at rest stop and/or tops of hills.

I had to ride my older Trek 5200. My warranty replacement Trek Black Carbon Madone frame cracked about two weeks ago. The second replacement isn't ready yet.

Around mile 85, my nice light went flying off the handle bar and down the side of a hill. It just popped right off the bracket. Around mile 93, the carbon railed Fizik seat started popping out of the clamp. The carbon wrap is coming apart on the rails. To get it to hold. I had to push the seat all the way forward and elevated it about a quarter to half inch to keep my legs to properly extend. Fortunately, the seat held the rest of the ride.

At the lunch spot (~ mile 120), I discovered that one of my bottle brackets broke. The good news is that it would still hold the bottle, but I had to be aware that the bottle could potential pop out.

From mile 140, we attempted to stay together. Before our stop at mile 160, Brahim fell back again. When we left, he wouldn't stay with us, and wanted to ride a slower pace. Greg, Bob and I kept it going.

In the end, I shaved off just over an hour off my overall ride time from last year. My average speed for the 202 miles came out to be 17.58MPH. Last year it was 16.25. I was very pleased with that.

Needless to say, none of us are thinking about doing this ride in the future. I think I've done both the hottest and second hottest DD's in the 40 year history of the ride.

I haven't pulled my pictures off my camera, but I'll get a couple out in the next day or two.

Way to go, Berck!  So, are you planning to complete the triple crown this year?

I'm trying to work up the courage to sign up for my first (single) century, the "Hotter 'n Hell Hundred".  Texas in August -- I must be insane.

Excellent Berk!  Sounds like it was an epic day.  You are well on your way in prepping for the Paris Brest Paris ride.  Only another 550 miles which on a functioning bike should be no problem for you!  What is the third double you need to earn the Triple Crown?

And Behemoth - I know some friends who have done HHH more than once.  It seems to be quite a ride.  Will be watching to see if you do it and to hear your story about the ride.


You have to do three double within the same calendar year. So, I have to do the third one before then end of October. The last double is then.

Good luck on the HHH. You'll probably have hotter temperatures than I saw. The key is good hydration. I also take an extra water bottle just to use to douse my head and back while riding. It feelings good.


My third one is scheduled to be the Eastern Sierra Double out of Bishop. People rave about this ride. Few cars and nice high desert views. It happens on June 6th, so in just a few weeks. I may do one more. It depends on another friend who went with us on Solvang. He didn't do Davis, and if he does Eastern Sierra, I will probably go with him later in the year.

Not sure about PBP. I feel the need to get off the bike around mile 150. Just too much time on the saddle. I may just stick with the centuries after the year is out Smile

Good riding Berck!  Chapeau!!! Forum Index -> Around the World
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