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Not sure we have a topic for this sort of event.
Happy to have my post moved if anyone knows a relevant topic.

Anyway I was innocently riding up Treize Vents today, scouting out the route of the Tour, and down hurtled quite a few, maybe 350, riders who were doing the first annual Les Cols de l"Herault cyclosportif.  Huge gaps between the first lot and the last lot, and lots more return greetings from the slower than the faster, but quite impressive.  Among other things, there must have been at least 20 volunteers monitoring the route (that I accidentally followed), stopping cars when a turn went across traffic.  Very impressive, but then you can see the route yourselves.  I had to ask three monitors before getting an answer to what the event was.  The other two were doing the work, but had no idea what the event was called.  I thought that was strange and wondered how they all get recruited.

And then next week, the first ever Brevet in the hills of the Hauts Cantons, run by another club.  It is getting impressive.  I am not sure what the relation of all these groups is, and of their sponsoring groups.  I am a bit ignorant about such things.

I think my little tucked away and unknown area is going to become more well known, at least to cyclists.  I rather like the websites too, kind of funky and down hoe, not terribly sophisticated.  When I think of who are the real cyclists, it is not Contador, froome and that lot, its the people who organise events like this, and those who ride them.

Well said FF!

Amen... the events i've raced this year in Slovakia contained similar volunteers flagging down traffic at every junction, and in the biggest one i entered, even our group (4th or 5th on the road after a crash splintered the peloton) was still with 2x police motorbike escorts, riding either side of our group. Forum Index -> Cycling Forum
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