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This made me smile and reminded me of my father, who introduced the term to me as a sprog

Tuggo -  that's a very traditional cycling term that goes back to the 1950's and perhaps earlier. English club cyclists used to use that term to describe a rider with no style or finesse on the bike.

You know the type - knees out akimbo, death-grip on the bars and locked-straight arms, saddle too low, chain crossed, riding in too low or too high a gear, wearing shorts when it's freezing cold, wearing black socks, etc.

It's nothing to do with experience, ability or equipment; some riders seem to have been born tuggo. Being tuggo is genetic and no experience or improved equipment will improve their ungainly progress.

Gen -  that's the opposite to tuggo. You're a 'Gen' rider if you look naturally good on the bike.

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Rookie stripes….when your leg hits the chain and leaves grease marks. Forum Index -> The Coffee Lounge
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