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Since when did it become the Team Sky News Monthly?? Talk about jingoistic claptrap, both the monthly edition and the tour guide are nothing more than sychophantic grovelling to Team Sky...... that's the last I buy that trash

Gee, Slapshot.  If it gets so bad that you can't stand having those mags in the house, you can post a charity package to a guy living in a poorish small town in the back of beyond in France.  I am sure I might agree, but reading a cycling mag in English is a total treat for me.  I am NOT begging, I am too proud for that, but if I can even reimburse postage.  Mind you, nothing older than two months.  

In fact, if anyone ever wants two or three month old Velos or any other French mag I buy, we can do a deal.  Of course they are in French.   Laughing

You should try reading 53x11 (Czech) or Cyklistika (Slovak)... to appreciate that at least there's something readable in England!! Very Happy Forum Index -> Cycling Forum
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