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Culinary Holiday Suggestion in Provence?

I am planning on going to Provence for a week in June for holidays.  Anyone has suggestions for a place for some good cooking classes and relaxation?  Thanks.

Soooooooo envious - can I come too? Very Happy Sounds fab and I'm sure you deserve it. No suggestions as it's years since I've been to Provence - absolutely love Aix-en-Provence though, so try not to miss it - the cobbled streets of the old part of town with their myriad restaurants are fab of a summer's evening. And the market there is just superb.

Thanks BG.  It was the Doc's order, that I should take a vacation.  I did have pretty crazy couple of years!  

I am hoping someone on the forum can help with ideas!!

Maybe ask here also...

Website suggestion

Like BG, I love Aix!  Well worth a visit, but also haven't been in that area for a long time.
Mrs John Murphy

Not France but Spain:

Try this: (They do cooking schools in Provence) - Italy (Cannes) (Vegetarian)


I did read an article recently about cooking school holidays but I can't find it.

Several cookery courses in Aix

On the same site you can also find painting & drawing courses, French language and wine tasting. There's also the Aix festival and I forgot to mention the lovely Cours Mirabeau - more here:

Boy, do I love you guys!!  Thanks everyone!! salut I'll check them all out.

Just enjoy - really sounds like you need/deserve this but, believe me, there's nothing like the light in Provence (it's a cliche but it's true) to soothe and heal the soul.

Might I recommend 'La Gloire de Mon Pere' and 'La Chateau de Ma Mere' as a pair of utterly gorgeous films to get you in the mood?

You have no idea!!  Thanks for the support! BG! (and everyone!)

I'll definitely check them all out.  Can't wait! bounce

Did you find something?

Here is a link of places in France:

My girlfriend and my mother went together to this place in Ireland - in case you ever fancy going to Ireland! Different to Provence. For sure.

Thanks Guiness.  That is indeed a good link.  I will keep it in my favorites.  I will spend a week in Luberon from June 17-24.  Really looking forward to it!!  Thanks everyone for great suggestions.  They really helped! Forum Index -> The Coffee Lounge
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