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computer troubles

so you may notice i am more inactive than usual.

my own laptop is probably beyond repair (hence the reason the technician hasn''t got back to me). i was pretty sure when leaving it out to him that it was.

for the time being, apart from a period on saturday mornings, i will be inactive.

fortunately, 2 days prior to this (during paris tours), i took a backup of my personal documents from the hard drive to a usb/flashdrive/memory stick.

it is unfortunate i was working on editing/reformatting my own artistic delusion but that is currently on hold.

i am going to take a rest from having my own laptop for the time being, i will redecide this in the future.

what will i be doing on nights instead of compucrastinating?
- reading
- writing my second artistic delusion. actually on monday night, i made a plan of 50 scenes for this. ok i started writing it on wednesday and as they say "no plan survives the battlefield" and i lost one scene and gained 2 scenes in that

I have a 3rd plan for an artistic delusion but rather than screenplay format as with the first and second ones, this will be a novel format.

I quite like writing out these scenes in hard copy first and then typing them out so it allows me to rethink the stuff before i type it out and read it that it makes sense

good thing though it isn't fearless prediction or cobblestone season Very Happy

Sorry to hear about the laptop. Good luck with your artistic delusion! Smile Forum Index -> The Coffee Lounge
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