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Clįsica San Sebastian, Saturday 27th July

The Clįsica San Sebastian takes place this Saturday.  FP thread can be found here-


Group of eight seem to have the key break - Valverde, Kreuziger, Roche, Cataldo, Jeannesson, Gallopin, Landa, Moser, Eijssen

tony "the galloper" gallopin v roche, kreuziger, nieve, landa & valverde

my advice saxo just put kreuziger on the front to pull the gal back

In the bag for Gallopin.  He was super strong...

yes, it was a fine effort for the runaway galloper to win

Good race, that.
I luckily went with Sporza, who managed
to catch the key attack of the race.
Eurosport meanwhile, too busy watching Tom Daley's speedos.
Pathetic, ad break riddled hour was all they could manage.

Dogs dinner of indecision and unwillingness to take Don Alejandro to the line loses Kreuziger a second place ... still the lad Gallopin worked hard and took his chance very well.  Chapeau. Forum Index -> Cycling Forum
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