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Chelsea Flower Show

OK, all you gardners, non gardners and non-specific gardeners!

Has anyone been to the CFS?

Did you enjoy it, why did you go, when did you go, would you go again, did you get any bargins on the final day - my favourite?

And if so, what hints and tips do you have about going - how to get tickets, best day to go, where to stay, best transportation.......

I love watching it on the BBC and would love to go some time. Possibly next year. Although bit disappointed that the BBC seem to be using the same graphics (which I do like) as last year - have they had cutbacks?

I'm thinking of buying my Mum tickets for next year as a birthday treat. Jeez, I'm just so generous as I'm taking her to see the finish of the TdF this year! I should get brownie points for that!

never been, not really interested in a long trek doon south, but quite liked the exhibit that gatesheed council "paid" for that i saw on look north earlier

tbh, only watching look north because they're doing a series on 70 years ago this week, and i've been following the anniversaries for a good while now at

today's installment:

ne england wwII diary wrote:
Friday, 24th/Saturday, 25th May 1940  N265

01.42.. Yorkshire.. Seven HEs were dropped at South Bank and Middlesbrough. Slight damage was done to buildings, gas mains and overhead cables. Dorman Longs, hit by one bomb, eight people were injured but there was little material damage and production wasn't affected. Two of the bombs fell on the Cargo Fleet Works, there were no casualties and little damage. Middlesbrough was the first industrial town, and Dorman Long's the first industrial plant, to be bombed.

Six bombs were dropped on Catterick Aerodrome, no damage was reported.

   Night 265. All times BST. Blackout begins: 21.52, ends: 04.13

sorry mj, bit of a hefty thread derailment, that. biggest in the history of the interwebs? had to reply somewhere to upload some files for the last three stages, that's my excuse Wink

uh, gardening. need to spray the weeds back, and maybe plant some stuff to eat. but the bluebells and buttercups are soo pretty at the moment. my mum would probably like that gift. she likes gardening Cool

Never been to Chelsea, but I was given a season ticket for the Southport Flower Show when I was about 12.  That was wonderful!

more gratuitous thread shufflage-from-the-flowers. after the first look north ne-blitz speziale, there was an 81 year old guy being used to promote the kielder forest new mtb "moderate" blue route for non-racing-mtb people. looked like he were having fun, and he was getting into cycling shape for a sponsored lejog ride (land's end to john o'groats - end to end)

splendid stuff.

in related news, mickf, from over at the ctc forum, has nearly finished the trip the other way, jogle, on a raleigh chopper Cool

how's the computer mj? Wink

Never been myself. My father used to go when he was alive. My ex-wife used to take him. Can't/don't speak to either, so can't help you with their inside info.

Check these links out instead. They are from previous shows. Basic tips but helpful nonetheless.
mr shifter

Late again.
I've been a couple of times as my wife is a member of the RHS and hasn't bothered for a couple of years.
We prefer Hampton Court as it's much the same we don't know why. Perhaps a little more space.
She is a Flower arranger in NAFAS and partnered her friend (and club chairperson, something wify won't do) who has had Invites to exhibit an arrangement which recieved a Gold. (also a silver and a couple of others. (Silver Guilt is it, etc)
I like the growers exhibits in the tents with their specialist display of their flowers, Fantastic. (that probably is better than HC but not much)

oh I go free with someones pass in the afternoon and evening to help out with the watering of some displays.
We pay at Hampton and go on members day.

The Wifes uncle was the ACE at Chelsea and many Golds for his Geraniums as he beat the Professional Growers many times.
When we got a proper garden 30 plus years ago he would give her some real beauties and she took cuttings for the following year.
I told her to get the secrets of his success when he retired and she wouldn't (silly moo) and all that experience has now passed away.

Wow Mr S - sounds as if you're hobknobbing with the glitterati of the flower world!
I've always fancied going to Tatton Park especially as it's near my UK base in Chester, but it always clashes with LeTour! Forum Index -> The Coffee Lounge
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