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Charity Sportives - Would you fundraise?

Hi Everyone,

For the past few years, we’ve organised The Macc Monster – – The cycle sportive in aid of Kidscan, the children’s cancer research charity.

As the event is organised to raise vital funds for our childhood cancer research, we offer sponsor materials to everyone taking part. However, the vast majority of people taking part choose not to fundraise. This is entirely their choice, but in order to make the event worthwhile for the charity, we’re hoping that more people will be keen to fundraise.

We are more than happy to provide people with sponsorship materials in order to make their fundraising as easy as possible.
This can include:
• Personalised sponsor forms
• A or VirginMoneyGiving online sponsor page
• A Text To Donate code

My questions for you are as follows.
1) Would you be prepared to take part in a cycle sportive and pay the entry fee (£20) if you were also required to raise minimum sponsorship amount – e.g. £50 or £100
2) Would you be happier to raise the minimum sponsorship amount – e.g. £50/£100 if you did not have to pay to take part in the sportive?

If you’re able to answer these two questions I would really appreciate hearing back from you.
Thank you for your time.

The Kidscan Team.

I regularly do sportives and have done one of the KidsCan events (and enjoyed it muchly thanks).

I wouldn't be willing to be obliged to raise sponsorship. Not because I have anything against sponsorship or don't think it's a good cause but because all my friends and work colleagues know that I regularly do sportives for fun (although most of them don't understand why!) and I don't feel comfortable asking for sponsorship for something I do anyway.

I think sponsorship for events should be for things that people don't routinely do as a hobby (no comments please relating to hobby and The Rules) and so are making a real effort for.

With regards to basically increasing your entry fee that's a tricky one. The number of sportives around is increasing to the point where if I wanted to, this weekend I can think of three different ones within half an hours drive from me that I could do. Unless you can offer something significantly better then the others (closed roads etc) then I think you could just price yourselves out of the market.

Hi MrsSR,

Thank you very much for getting back to us. Your comments are very much appreciated. Hopefully we'll be able to find a solution which will be beneficial to all parties! Forum Index -> Cycling Forum
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