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Chain lube preferences

Hey all,

just checking in to see what you all like for chain lube. i moved over to Prolink Progold lube

Its freaky good.  my chain is clean, no build up of any sort, and shifts are very crisp.

always looking for beta from others tho!!

cardinal guzman

I've been using Pedros ice wax until now. It seems to work fine - I never have problems with shifting or stiff links, and I currently have a mountain bike rear mech on my road bike, shifting from 29 down to 12!

When you say no build up of any sort, do you mean even road deposits just slide off - chain doesn't even go dark?

true CG.  I give my chain a quick wipe before every ride, a few squirts of lube and it stays perfect;ly clean.  my cogs are clean, jockey wheels have little buildup, and my chain looks like new. shain will darken in a ride, but easily comes off with a big gunk

this stuff is awesome.


Anything but wax-based lube for me.  I think wax accelerates chain wear.  It's noisy.  I don't think it actually gets into the rollers which is why it's "cleaner".  Wax lubes don't fight corrosion as well.  My coach agrees:

"I recommend first you clean the chain completely with a water soluble degreaser (like Finishline Ecotec) then reapply the lube one roller at a time, when you finish, run the chain through all of the gears to properly disperse the lube, after you've run through the gears wipe the chain with a clean rag until nearly dry. Ride and enjoy the silence! When you return from your first new lube ride wipe the excess lube off and you should be good for 300 to 500 miles depending on conditions".

Years ago, I used to use White lighting. After a while, I noticed that it seemed to affect the components. Chain stayed fairly clean though.

Moved to Boeshield T-9 about six to seven years ago. It works very well. Chain stays fairly clean and the lube lasts about 300 miles.

Tried Purple Extreme about two years ago. Its a synthetic lube. I wasn't too happy. Chain got dirty faster than T-9 and it only lasted about 150 miles.

I'll look into your new lube. Sounds promising. I'm always looking for a dry, clean lube. I have been toying with the idea of waxing the chain. Everybody I know who has done it loves it. No road gunk build up at all. Just not too good in bad weather.

give it a go berck.  stuffs awesome.  i get it at performance, but should be available most places.

tranny fluid.. works wonders.. ciao

thunderthighs wrote:
tranny fluid.. works wonders.. ciao
must agree.. it's quite cheap and found in most home garages Wink
used it for years for chain lubricant.. contains cleansing agents..
and for cleaning components of dirt/dried grease build up..  Very Happy

Phil's Tenacious in the rain for me.
cardinal guzman

In the eighties I used to use graphite powder. You don't hear of people doing that anymore. Not surprisingly - it was a (VERY!!!!) messy job, but it worked a treat.

headwind wrote:
give it a go berck.  stuffs awesome.  i get it at performance, but should be available most places.

Ok, I have been using it over the past 200 miles. Its dirty and collects lots of road grime. I started with a just cleaned chain and I can't seem to figure out how you get your chain to stay clean without applying and wiping after every single ride.

When I use Boeshield T-9 after cleaning a chain, it lasts about 300 miles before it needs to be relubed. Also, the chain stays very clean during that time.

interesting...very diff from my experience.  you feully clean before using it?  I give a quick wipe with a rag every ride and a few drops...i dont spend more than 1 min before a ride.

hmmm......sorry ive given you bum advice

Hey, no problem. I did start with a freshly cleaned chain. I'll just go back to the T-9. I try different things now and then to see how they work. T-9 has been great for me. I'm still toying with the idea of waxing a chain.

You will regret wax.

I found a new spray lube that works well.  Like the spray.
last km

I too use spray lube
Jeff Malkmus

Boeshield T9.  I stopped experimenting when I found this stuff.  It just works really well.
Bro Deal

Prolink usually.

Sometimes I use a homebrew of mineral spirits and synthetic motor oil.  Upside: Cheaper than crap so you can use it liberally every ride, grit gets flushed out with heavy application, and chain life is improved.   Downside: Attracts "blackness" and when you use a lot your spokes spokes and cassette get oily.

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