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Cervelo, Orbea or Fondriest?????

I am buying a new bike and cant decide what to get??
Anyone got any advice, good/bad experiences etc etc

Also any recommendations for wheels and hubs would be appreciated.

Best of luck with youre new bike.

I can caregorically tell you that I would NEVER buy another Fondriest. I bought a top carbon 3 years ago, had nothing but problems, sent it back for warranty repair (1.5 years ago) and never heard back or received my frame back. Fondriest USA went bankrupt. I have a 4000$ frame sitting in Italy somewhere that should get a monetary return or a new frame...and NOTHING. Terrible with customers, terrible service, and a below bar warranty.

Cant say anything about Orbea or Cervelo, but look into Time. Ive had a fantastic experience with them. Life time warranty. They weave all their carbon from spools in-house for complete control over final product. Finish work is amazing.

As for wheels/hubs...theres nother thread below dealing with hubs. Really, in custom built wheels the standard is Record or Dura Ace or DT Swiss for hubs. Otherwsie the prebuilts use their own hubs.

Ive decided on the new DT Swiss 190C hubs and RR1.1 rims for my new wheels.


ps. Fondriest may make good bikes, but customer service and support blows.

thanks for the warning!
Theres so much choice out there at the moment its tough deciding what to buy!!!
I have read great things about Orbea but really need to ride one and see how it feels.
Time and Scott are options too.

Litespeed or Seven titanium.

Orbea all the way!

Fantastic price compared to other top brands and great components with the bike. Great after sales service and to top it off, its a workers co-operative.

Thanks for the info guys.
I was on the Orbea website and i think the Opal is looking good for me. I would love the Orca but just a bit out of price range. Now i gotta decide if i stick with shimano groupsets which i've used for 16 years or make the leap to Sram?????

be sure to look at

theres lots of good rider based evaluations of most things.


Great website!
thanks for that Headwind Forum Index -> The Garage
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