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Broken Chain Set (Posted By ICEHOCKEY44)


Joined: 07 Oct 2006
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Location: Somerset
Posted: 07 Oct 2006 07:25 pm Post subject: Broken Chain Set


Hi Guys,

Just wondering if any of you have experienced this.

A huge hair line split going all the way aound the chain set??? Very strange and dangerous!

If you have had this happen, how did you sort it out with Shimano?



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Joined: 06 Oct 2006
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Posted: 07 Oct 2006 07:36 pm Post subject:


Hi there...sorry if this sounds a bit condescending (but I don't know how much you know about bikes/components)...but it wouldn't be where the main or middle ring is attached to the spider you're talking about, is it?

Make sure that the ring bolts are securely tightened.
If it's not these...then no...I've never seen this before and I would contact the shop where you bought it from or shimano...ideally with photos of the chainset/chainring(s).

Also, I take it you're talking about the front rings and not the rear sprockets? The sprockets have wavy lines going around the both help shifting and save weight where applicable.

What you describe does sound weird as the rings should be very strong in that plane...and for a crack to appear there...I would expect other parts to fail first!

Quite common - expect it to happen on any chainset more than a few years old unless you keep your bike in a frost free environment. Also can happen if you crash/fall off.

Just had to replace the chainset (and rear gear) on a bike for the first reason.

Hmmm...obviously I:
- don't keep my bikes long enough
- don't ride enough
- bikes get stolen

before this happens to me!

I like your pic mowcopmick! Razz Forum Index -> The Garage
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