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Brevet de Randonneur du Caroux-Espinouse

Since on another thread I was bragging a bit about how great it is to live and ride where I do, here is a coming event that starts and finishes in my town.  The kind of thing one can do any day really, although obviously it would be fun to do with more people.  Some photos and French music too.

I put this up, although my area is not as famous as the Cevennes, Provence, Tarn, Alps or Pyrenees, it is a rather undiscovered, but beautiful countryside with fairly unspoilt towns, and plenty of hills.  I reckon one could spend a week here easily, especially if one stopped at pretty places.  Not a part of this route, but equally attractive is the Causse de Larzac.  And then when you need to move on, one long ride will take you to either the Pyrenees or the Cevennes, for slightly more grandiose countryside.  Just a thought for those of you looking for a new area of France to explore.  I would be happy to meet anyone who comes, but I can't offer hospitality, only company. Forum Index -> Around the World
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