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Bee Stings?

Any experiences?

I had a disturbing experience on my training ride today, a quick after-work 30km out and back on a flat course next to danube, but this time of year its rife with insects.

Took a hard whack to the face, what i presume was a blind bee, next thing i know i have some kind of bite or sting on my inner thigh, i guess the bee or insect hit the face and ricocheted onto my lap.

Anyway - no swelling or allergic reactions, just some numbness, a 10cm red patch in the thigh area and pain when flexing muscle. By the time i got home i couldnt find any "sting" protruding from the source.... it was painful to ride the 14 or so km back home... any need for rest or ointment on this? Or is it good to continue riding tomorrow Smile

Haven't been stung for well over 15 years so its a lost art how to deal with it hehe.

I got stung just a couple of weeks ago while riding. Although, I think I got hit by a wasp. My minimal swelling went down before I even got home. I could tell the following day where I got stung, but I didn't have any pain. It just itched a bit for a day. I didn't have any problems riding at all.

Im dealing with one now. the welt is raised, red, spreading, and itchy like mad. I ended up going to the dr as its been over a week and still nasty...antibios.

best of luck

Sounds like you had a more serious allergic reaction.

yes.. as a junoir in italy, that hurt like hell at back of neck.. my dad laughed...oh well..ciao

nothing to report here, cleared up nicely overnight.. a bit red but no different to the millions of mozzie bites - central europe is flooded with mozzies this year for some reason.

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