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Mrs John Murphy

Bartali the movie

For those of you who have V-me they are currently (or they were last week) showing the 2006 Italian mini-series about Gino Bartali.

It'll be re-shown next month according to the schedules.

It was dubbed into spanish but you can't have everything.

Many thanks.  If you have the right DVD player you can buy the Australian version which has English subtitles.  Quite a good movie ... Smile
Mrs John Murphy

No problem. I only caught bits of it but it looked well done. I am going to make sure that when they show it again next month that I sit down and watch it all.

Looks like both parts are on YouTube. No English subtitles though.
mr shifter

you may have seen this before. ?

A Film last night my wife was watching "The Assisi Underground" and I came along near the end for a cup of tea and saw this bike rider arrive and talk to the Priest.
This was an actor playing Bartali who took his saddle stem from the frame to reveal 4 scrolls joined together hidden in the frame downtube.
His news also was that Monte Cassino had been taken by the allies.

With Bartali on his chest and the Germans accepting he was out training again with this ride from Rome in 3-3/4 hours for the 180 Km's

The Film was made in 1985 Forum Index -> Cycling Forum
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