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Arts & C ulture 2010 review


for me the top 15 albums of the year were

1. Steve Mason - Boys Outside
2. Belle & Sebastian - Belle & Sebastian Write About Love
3. Jamie Lidell - Compass
4. She & Him - Volume 2
5. Allo Darlin - Allo Darlin
6. Jonsi - Go
7. Broken Social Scene - Forgiveness Rock Record
8. Lightspeed Champion - Life is Sweet, Nice to Meet You
9. Pablo Held Trio - Music
10. Lcd Soundsystem - This is Happening
11. David Byrne & Fat Boy Slim - Here Lies Love
12. Dinah Brand
13. Gonzales - Ivory Tower
14. The Bundles - The Bundles
15. Groom - Marraige

this was not, at least for me a good year for gigs. The highlights being Belle & Sebastian, Gonzales and Lcd Sounsystem. These fitted into a four week period at the end of the year.


1. The kids are Alright
2. Winter's Bone
3. Inception
4. Chico & Rita
5. Extract
6. Vincere
7. Shutter Island
8. Social Network
9. The American
10. Whatever Works

of course the problem with the gigs carried across to movies as i like to fit in movie viewings with gig attendances so without so many good gigs, it meant the movies took a hit too.


i feel bbc did a fine job with both two news programmes being Rev (where tom hollander plays a reverend. tom hollander is superb when it comes to playing clueless. does it very naturally.) and grandma's house with simon amstell, rebecca front and james smith which for me where two outstanding comedies of the year. both superb and full praise to both cast and crew.

we got two new series from channel 4's main comedies (disclaimer: in my opinion) being it crowd and peep show although maybe it crowd was hitting full this year.

i also get into the crime fighting type of programme with Life (starring damian lewis), monk (just got into it as it was ending Very Happy) and also Burn Notice

Big Bang theory still is superb which is great and there was a third season of my favourite animated show, The Boondocks which is good

A dissapointment being the inability of irish tv makers to make good tv shows (the exception being graham linehan but hey, he don't count as he's on the channel 4 payroll). a dissapointing series was Whites with Alan Davies. It really missed the mark in the regards of comedy. it was ok. the third dissapointment being no new series of the thick of it as of yet although bbc has commisioned a fourth series so that's positive

As i opined last year, books is tough to assess.

the best book i read last year that was published last year was "skippy dies" by paul murray. in it, it is based around Seabrook school in Dublin and focusses on several interlocking stories.
spoiler alert:

daniel "skippy" juster dies in it

although that is the opening chapter Very Happy. it's really good book

the other books that were published this year that i read this year "island beneath the sea" by isabel allende, "books burn badly" by manuel rivas "solar" by ian mcewen and "i am not sidney poitier" by percivel everitt. all of those are fine books in their own right

the top 10 books i read in 2010

1. Skippy dies - Paul Murray
2. Midnight's Children - Salman Rushdie
3. Invisible - Paul Auster
4. The Savage Detectives - Roberto Bolano
5.  The Picture of Dorian Gray - Oscar Wilde (well ok, it was in a book of selected works of oscar wilde Very Happy)
6. Island Beneath the Sea - Isabel Allende
7. I am Not Sidney Poitier - Percivel Everitt
8. Cannery Row - John Steinbeck
9. The Kite Runner - Khaled Hossini
10. Solar - Ian McEwen

Top 3 non fiction books i read in 2010

1. The Bicycle Diaries - David Byrne
2. The Three Emperors - Miranda Carter
3. The Irish (and other foreigners) - Shane Hegarty

dissapointing reads of the year being the holy city by patrick mccabe. this was totally terrible. i put it down as being the worst book i've ever read. if it was longer then 200 pages i wouldn't have bothered finishing it

superfreakonomics was also a dissapointing read. once you fail to realise that men also have breasts and then try to claim your views as scientific, it doesn't work. it also dissapointing due to lacklustre citations

Good picks, Nolte.  I would tend to agree about the Steve Mason but Gorillaz may have nipped it at the death with their Xmas giveaway 'The Fall'.  Other goodies by Sleigh Bells, No Age, The Fall (of course), Jim Jones Review, Salem, These New Puritans and LCD Soundsystem all pushed some or all of my buttons.

I spent much of my spare time studying this year so I can't really comment on the couple of non-text books that I read and TV consumption has declined for the same reason. Forum Index -> The Coffee Lounge
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