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Are you normal

How normal are you, relatively speaking... Very Happy

Black spanner...

Black hacksaw ....

Blue spanner  Cool

Black allen keys.


Well apparently the sums are to shut down the associative part of the brain and they get progressively harder to make sure. Then when they throw in the coloured tool question the associative part springs to life in it's supposedly default state. Red is the most popular colour. Hammer is the most popular tool. Apparently no where near 98% answer that though and it's just a meme to make sure it gets passed around on forums with nothing better to do on bank holidays. And we were all corrupted with talk of black spanners.

SS, Berck.

So what other undocumented BB codes are there?

Oh dear, I'm amongst the 2% who have an abnormal mind! Laughing  Laughing

Just looked at the spoiler, and I'm not!

Blue screwdriver

I had blue screwdriver too!

Just did it again .... got a blue Lance Armstrong!

Ruins the test when you read the comments first. Came up with green screwdriver.

Biosphere wrote:

SS, Berck.

So what other undocumented BB codes are there?

Not sure. I suspect that anything you can do with BB is available. Video was one that was there, but not shown until we got it into the list.

Whats not listed
  • Strike through [ s ] and [ /s ]
  • Lists (use word list in brackets and then [ * ] for each item on the list

Don't forget to remove spaces within the brackets I listed above.

I know 'move' doesn't work.

Look HERE for other codes that may or may not work. A level up helps get to more advanced codes.

Oh, and Blue Hammer for me Forum Index -> The Coffee Lounge
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