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Anyone started their bike racing season yet?

Wondering if any of you have started your racing seasons for 2010?

If so then consider telling us about your events/races...

I've got two coming up in < 4 weeks.  Very Happy

if any.. start mashing those pedals.. ciao

...most people here are retired
last km

or retarded... Wink

There are a few who race- CapeRoadie, RalphNorman. Kellyrocheearly...

last km wrote:
or retarded... Wink

...or both!  Embarassed

Retired you say? Ah but surely they are too young to have given it up no? Smile

Well I'm still doing it - racing that is..

Have you been in the forum section called 'Around the World', its full of the weekend warriors... Wink

Christ, I'm still 10kg overweight (it was a bad winter), so my season will be starting a little later than normal...

70 - just saw it thanks!

Juggernaut - I hear you. Winter is the worst time for so many reasons - dark, cold, and way too much beer & food over the holidays.

Somehow I am at race weight ahead of schedule.. Forum Index -> The Coffee Lounge
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