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Anyone goning to be in Ft. Collins on Saturday, the 24th???

Well, anyone other than me since I live here.

If anyone is going to be in town on Saturday let me know and I'll take you around Old Town and the beer will be on me.  

Cindy and I will be on the side of the steepest ramp as the riders head into town.



Yeah, that MerlinGuy

And yeah that Element12

And yeah for you real old guys that Velocoder.

What a kind offer Merlinguy. Unfortunately, I'll take a rain check on that. Hope you enjoy the race!

I would love to join you Merlin ... if only I wasn't stuck on the other side of the pond!  Cheers anyway.

I wish I could make it. Have fun Merlin! Take pictures and post them for us! Smile

Have fun and nice to hear from you again.

Packing our pik a nik basket right now.  We have the required wine and cheese.  Heading over to the race course in a hour or so.  

Look for the guy wearing this shirt -

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